10 Years Elektrotribe

2006 - 2016

  • 10 Years Elektrotribe [The Sets]

    10 Years Elektrotribe [The Sets]

  • Moog Conspiracy - Pulse [ Album]

    Moog Conspiracy - Pulse [ Album]

  • Christian Bonori - Rainbow EP

    Christian Bonori - Rainbow EP

  • IRY -Arena EP

    IRY -Arena EP

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    Artists & Showcases

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  • Christian Bonori – Rainbow

    EPs, Releases

    We are excited to present you the new EP by Christian Bonori “Rainbow” The italian producer, and the man behing...

  • Moog Conspiracy – Pulse

    Albums, Releases

    We are thrilled to announce “Pulse” – the third studio album of Moog Conspiracy. Pulse is a straight – forward,...

  • IRY – Arena

    EPs, Releases

    We are very happy to present the new EP of french producer IRY. Known for his minimlist releases on non...

  • Theo Komp – Fairytail

    EPs, Releases

    We happy to present the new EP of London based producer Theo Komp. Known for his numerous releases on Frequenza &...

  • Forest People – Sustainer

    EPs, Releases

    Forest People Sustainer EP Cat N° :EKT000085 Release Date : 23.11.2015

  • Emizence – Initiation

    EPs, Releases

    We are happy to present  the debut EP of mysterious newcomer Emizence. Emizence is the name of the new project by...

  • Kane Roth – The Black Cube

    EPs, Releases

    Dark Atmospheres, heavy low end, ravy synth, welcome in the blackcube universe. Kane Roth signs here her new EP supported by 3 huge remixes by Iry, Emizence & Asem Shama. Will you be able to escape the black cube? Title : The Black Cube. Cat N° : EKT000083. Release Date : 13.07.15

  • Moog Conspiracy, Iry, Insect Elektrika – Lithium Remixes

    EPs, Releases

    For it new release, Elektrotribe invites friends to offer an international remixes EP. With Ash Roy from India, Steven Campodonico from USA, Luigi Rossi from Italy and the Scottish, head of Creepy Finger recordings, Terry Whyte. It's a successful electronic melting pot! Download it. Artists : Ash Roy, Luigi Rossi, Terry Whyte, Steven Campodonico. Title : Lithium Remixes. Cat N° : EKT000082. Release Date : 20.04.15