10 Years Elektrotribe

  • 10 Years Elektrotribe [The Sets]

    10 Years Elektrotribe [The Sets]

  • Moog Conspiracy - Pulse [ Album]

    Moog Conspiracy - Pulse [ Album]

  • Christian Bonori - Rainbow EP

    Christian Bonori - Rainbow EP

  • IRY -Arena EP

    IRY -Arena EP

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    Artists & Showcases

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  • Theo Komp – Pluged

    EPs, Releases

    We are thrilled to present the upcoming Pluged EP of Theo Komp, a Greek producer based in London, with a collection of 4 mesmerizing dark techno tracks of a raw tone. The first two tracks are followed by its ingenious remixes, the brainchildren of Kane Roth, appraised by artists including Jon Gaiser, Ambivalent, Gregor Tresher and many others; and of Pascal Roeder, under the name of Cømpass, professionally recognized by artists such as Alex Bau and Jeff Mills. Release date : 12.06.17

  • Forest People – Deneb

    EPs, Releases

    Deneb named after the stars constellation, navigates between deep techno & spacial melodies characterizing a new turn in Forest People output. The Bosnian producer escapes the dusty mechanical environment we know him for, to create something more personal touching and cosmic. Release Date : 22.05.17

  • A Decade Of Techno [Part 1]

    Compilations, Releases

    A Decade of Techno is the first retrospective of the Berlin label Elektrotribe Records. The label has been founded 10 years ago in the European capital of electronic music with a mission of supporting new creative mixtures, connecting producers and actors of the techno scene around the world, to push further the boundaries of electronic music. In those 3 volumes you will get the chance to taste all these amazing music we have been releasing in the first decade of the label.

  • Moog Conspiracy – Pulse Remixes

    EPs, Releases

    What happen when you put 6 of the most representative producers of the label on the remix exercise of Moog...

  • Christian Bonori – Rainbow

    EPs, Releases

    We are excited to present you the new EP by Christian Bonori “Rainbow” The italian producer, and the man behing...

  • Moog Conspiracy – Pulse

    Albums, Releases

    We are thrilled to announce “Pulse” – the third studio album of Moog Conspiracy. Pulse is a straight – forward,...

  • IRY – Arena

    EPs, Releases

    We are very happy to present the new EP of french producer IRY. Known for his minimlist releases on non...

  • Theo Komp – Fairytail

    EPs, Releases

    We happy to present the new EP of London based producer Theo Komp. Known for his numerous releases on Frequenza &...