New compilation coming soon …

We will soon be releasing a compilation of incredible tracks by our very own artists, which will satisfy every taste in techno. This compilation is a little introduction and pre-taste to the sets to be played on Elektrotribe’s 8th Birthday Infinite Tour!

Get ready for some fresh beats pounding you into a trance of musical enlightenment. Bouncy, danceable tracks with dark, destructive vibes along with mystical and doomed sounds hovering over heavy, thumping beats. Groovy melodies, industrial looming dooms, digital paranoias, intergalactic trips through space, wholesome, round, bouncy techno of impeccable quality. Each track offers a new experience, a new backdrop, a new presence. A compilation of sound which will make you at least bob your head and sway your body, if not spontaneously jump up and around in excitement!


Kane Roth
Moog Conspiracy
Samuel L Session
Forest People
Theo Komp
Calm Chor
Pascal Roeder
Jozak Sander

Watch out for the preview which is coming very soon…