New Release! “Exciter” by Sebastien Legz!!!

We are incredibly excited to present the new EP, EXCITER, by South American artist, Sebastien Legz. Which can, from today onwards, be found on Beatport for your purchasing pleasure. Sebastien is very excited about the new techno sounds he’s been creating with Elektrotribe. The musical texture of this track embodies a slightly minimalistic and dark vibe with distorted percussions fx-ed to the extreme, just the way we like them. Apparently the inspiration for this track came from Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine”, we definitely support an appreciater of Pink Floyd. Another on-going project of Sebastien’s includes a live DJ-set channel called KYMIKO, which can be found on Youtube. Sebastien has definitely proved himself to be a very talented producer devoted to creating music of the highest quality, this EP setting a wonderful example of that!

The ‘Exciter’ EP comes with 3 original mixes, and a remix by french producer D2B.

Have a listen, you won’t regret it!!



Curious about Sebastien? Click here for his Soundcloud

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