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Moog Conspiracy – Is It Deep?

Moog Conspiracy l Is It Deep? l EKT000006
Moog Conspiracy presents his 1st EP on the berliner label Elektrotribe records. “a blend of tweaky acid electronica, hard driving beats mixed with a delicious melody backgrounds, Its sounds like aliens on acid having sex in a funhouse!”
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=273

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Lucio & Pep – I´m Pyromaniac

Lucio & Pep l I´m Pyromaniac l EKT000005
Lucio & Pep brothers present their hot new EP, including : “I m Pyromaniac” test and approved on Sicilian dance floors! Their last release Carpentieri EP has get the support of top Djs in Europe and get airplay on the biggest dance radio stations in italy and germany imposing Lucio & Pep as an innevitable Techno act. The brothers are back with their Techno Acid sonorities and their new anthem : “I m Pyromaniac” …
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=275

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Dark Machines – Reload the Fire

Dark Machines l Reload the Fire l EKT000004
Reload the Fire EP brings 5 remixes of GEARS´single : Firewater. Dark Machines is back after the huge success of his 1st album GEARS!!! More than 100 Djs all over the world have taken part to the elaboration of this EP in participating to the remix contest organised by Elektrotribe rec.
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=276

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Lucio & Pep – Carpentieri Ep

Lucio & Pep l Carpentieri Ep l EKT000003
Lucio & Pep brothers are back with Carpentieri EP, their 1st Vinyl released in 2005 on MaLaToId rec. in Italy has gone sold out! Elektrotribe rec. is releasing this Minimal Techno bomb again to let the rest if the world knows about this highly talented combo…
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=279

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Dark Machines – Gears

Dark Machines l Gears l EKT000002
Dark Machines drops on Elektrotribe his first album showing all his talents of producer and performer. Gears comes as a whole concept about producing music: As in mechanics, different kinds of gears make the engine run, its the gears of the “Dark Machines” that give birth to his music…
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=281

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Soulkut – Night Trip

Soulkut l Night Trip l EKT000001
Soulkut, the french revelation of turntablism, has magically blended electro and hip hop sounds with jazzy and classical touches, resulting in his first 6 track abstract hip hop album called Night Trip…
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=285

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