ON3 Festival [10-11-12 02 2017] GOA India

If you follow your heart, you will come to the places you never dreamt of before.

Love for music brought the labels Minimal Force Records [London], elektrotribe [Berlin] and Rural Sounds Records [Goa / Buenos Aires] together with Stay Free Kollektiv [Berlin] to Vagator GOA.
Here we join our forces to take over a massive location and turn it into a magical place, where music goes on&on&on for three days and artists from all over the world get together as one family to play music representing underground quality.

Together, we are ON3
3 days, 72 hours non stop, techno at night and crew back 2 back afterhour pool parties during the day.
The party that goes on&on&on.
The ON3 party that you will remember for ever ॐ

On 3 Gathering GOA 2017

Alexander Belousov (BUNNY TIGER) Russia
Alexander Smith (Orbita) (Russia)
Axailes Solar (Liquid Sky) (Belgium)
Breger (Soupherb Records) (Germany/Goa)
Christ Burstein (Rural Sounds Records -Natura Viva) (Argentina)
David Medina (Rural Sounds Records – My Favorite Freak) (Spain)
Dj Water (Must) (Greece)
GurWan (Buena Onda Records) (Paris)
Igor Ochoa (Stay Free Kollektiv) (Berlin)
Javier Portilla (Natura Sonoris Label, Moonchild) (Costa Rica)
Josh Vox (elektrotribe) (Berlin)
Leon Pereira (Sonorum) (India)
Loris D’Ettorre (Minimal Force Records) (Italy)
Manu Ferrantini (Vortex Goa) (France)
Mistral (Stay Free Kollektiv) (Berlin)
Mohinesh Mohinesh (Lfo – india)
Moog Conspiracy (elektrotribe / Sisyphon) (Berlin)
Nelio Oneyed (Arambolized Goa) (France)
Nic Thomson (Lokee Musik) (UK)
Nikko.Z (Dopamine Music – Rural Sounds – Minimal Force) (Greece)
Ray-Han & Ali Reza – The Eyesquare (The Eyesquare) (Dubai, Iran)
Shaun Moses Official (Rural Sounds Records – Egothermia Records) (India)
Sleepless Monk (Joprec) (Goa)
Dj Shy-O (Bus records) (France)
Theo Komp (Minimal Force Records) (London)
Jimmy Vincent Rydell Pettersson (420 Group) (Sweden)
V ka (Viktoria Eliseeva – Protodeep – Ural) (Russia)

+ special guests to be announced soon ♥

Fireshow by Andrea Pixie & Satsuki Luna
Visuals by Sleepless Monk

– Crews –
Minimal Force Records
Straight out of the London underground techno scene is the revolutionary, evolutionary master of the new digital music download generation Minimal Force Records. In the years since it’s beginning it has become a flourishing source of new, interesting experimental and minimal acts.

Elektrotribe is a Berlin label active in the electronic music since 2006 focused on providing the best and most original electronic music, while encouraging crossovers between music styles and artists collaborations!
The TRIBE constitute an international community of music producers, djs, designers, vjs and video producers, who come from different places on earth and produce together to bring new audio and video projects to you!

Rural Sounds Records
Rural Sounds combines love for music with audiovisual structures and platforms in order to create new concepts, convey emotions and provide a unique memorable experience for the audience. By working in collaboration with top line artists from around the world, label is committed to leaving our mark within the electronic music industry.

Stay Free Kollektiv
Inspiration and creating awareness
Stay Free Kollektiv brings together artists and people to unfold their creativeness freely and without boundaries.
No-Ego-games – but experiencing and working with situations and changes within the positive spirit of mutual acceptance. To share opinions collectively and work with it.
Money is not the predominant driving force – we make money to help us diffuse positive thinking and proliferate projects by professional and newcomer artists.
Stay Free Kollektiv unites open minded free thinking people to interact on the base of mutual understanding and avoiding negativism.