100 100

Elektrotribe , the electronic music label founded back in 2006 in Berlin by Romain Favre & Jeremy Govciyan is celebrating in March 2018 its 100 release!
Run with love by Romain aka Moog Conspiracy, Elektrotribe has given birth to artists albums by Pascal Roeder, The Free Electric Band, Datensi, Error Response, Sozonov, Dark Machines and Numerous Eps by Theo Komp, Forest People, IRY, Christian Bonori,Kane Roth, Emizence, Torro Remote, Alex Tomb, Asj Roy, Calm Chor & a lot more.
When we started Elektrotribe 10 years ago the idea & reason to create elektrotribe was to gives a platform to support artists collaborations and push the music creation further while embrassing the new creation tools at our disposal.
‘100’ follow the same moto and showcases collaborations & new creations by IRY, Caves, Moog Conspiracy, Kalden Bess, Theo Komp & Exercise One.

Release Date : 12.03.18
featuring music by : Kalden Bess, Moog Conspiracy, Exercise One, Caves, IRY, Theo Komp
Mastering : Romain Favre, Square & Cirles
Artwork: elektrotribe
worldwide distributed by Zebralution gmbh