A Decade Of Techno [Part 3] 095

A Decade of Techno is the first retrospective of the Berlin label Elektrotribe Records. The label has been founded 10 years ago in the European capital of electronic music with a mission of supporting new creative mixtures, connecting producers and actors of the techno scene around the world, to push further the boundaries of electronic music. In those 3 volumes you will get the chance to taste all these amazing music we have been releasing in the first decade of the label.

Release Date : 29.05.17
featuring music by : Iry, Kane Roth, Theo Komp, Jozak Sander, Sebastien Legz, Breger, Ash Roy, David Londono, Torro Remote, Sascha Dragheim, Tiari, Daegon, Humantronic, Datensi, Animaltek, Moog Conspiracy, The Free Electric Band, Damian Deroma, Voodoo J, Lucio & Pep, Dark Machines, Alex Tomb, Jules & Moss, Pascal Roeder, Christian Bonori, Forest People, Emizence, Samuel L Session, Calm Chor, Error Response, Steve Lorenz, Pete Nouveau, Steven Campodonico, Insect Elektrika, Kamika, D2B, Denite, Jorge Ciccioli, Noisy & Kyoshi
Artwork: elektrotribe
worldwide distributed by Zebralution gmbh