Alex Tomb – Redrawing The Future [Part 2] 076

‘Redrawing the Future’ is the latest work of Alex Tomb that consists of a double EP, divided in two parts. The first part showcases the artist’s most ambient and experimental pieces, which fuse endless emotions with careful arrangement. The second part consists of more club-oriented tracks, ideal for the dance floor. The tempo of the compositions is very broad, ranging from 95 to 135 beat per minute, giving freedom to the artist to express his feelings through the music.
According to the artist, limitations and barriers were set to the production process so as to give a certain shape and direction to the compositions. ‘Trip to the oblivion’ for example was produced using minimal Subtractive Synthesis sound sources, whereas ‘In the control room’ was produced entirely from custom-made Max/Msp patches. Both versions of ‘Heading to the new galaxy’ were extracted and composed from long recording sessions using Analogue Systems RS8000 and EMS VCS3. Finally, ‘Discovering the culture’ is the result of FM Synthesis experiments from the monstrous DX7.
Many of the pieces give the impression of a connection between them since the same elements are present but with different patterns and structures. This delivers a well-thought and completed work as a whole, exploring contemporary musical territories with a unique drawing brush.

Release Date : 22.10.13

worldwide distributed by Zebralution gmbh