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Elektrotribe / Tonkind / Eminor / Maktub

Out of the Ruhr Valley appears this jack-of-all-trades who is restlessly working on the freshly blooming landscape of clubs in this area. Breger is a surprising DJ, daring to unexpectedly mix brute Techno with deeper and more minimalistic stuff.
Ever since he contributed his share as a resident DJ and promoter of the Beatplantation and Gold Club party series, which made these events two of the most established in the Ruhr Area club scene. Parallel, he started producing and developing his signature sound on Elektrotribe, Tonkind, Debox, Eminor, Maktub, Lebensfreude, …
During weekdays, he hides in his studio to come up with his own productions which tend to add context-based melodic elements to a solid groundwork of groove.

Clubs & Festivals : Fusion Festival [DE], Love Parade [DE], ADE [NL], Kater Holzig [DE], Rote Sonne [DE], Docks [DE] Blue Frog [IN], Time Club [PH] …

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Techno : Moog Conspiracy (DE),Forest People (BIH), Kane Roth (FR), Emizence (FR), Daegon (US), Pascal Roeder (FR), Alex Tomb (DE), Jozak Sander (DE)
Minimal : Insect Elektrika (Cz),IRY (FR),Datensi (GR), Sozonov (RU), Tiari (US), Sascha Dragheim (DE), Voodoo J (FR)
Tech House : Falling Cows Band (DE), Ash Roy (IN), Jules & Moss (FR), Denite (SP), David Londono (CO), Pete Nouveau (AU), Antonio Olivieri (DE), D2B (FR)