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Czech Republic
Elektrotribe l Creepy Finger l Frucht l Eminor

Insect Elektrika, one of the first Czech minimal live acts. Its founders, Martin Vodicka and Jan Vaclavik, after first meeting in the high school, found out that except same sense of humor they have same hobby – music. As the result of their great enthusiasm for minimal music, they decided to establish the project Insect Elektrika in the year 2002.

Premiere live performance took place in the year 2006 that brings a number of other offers for shows in Slovakia, Austria, and Germany. The same year gentlemen launched their own minimal club night called Bubbles Digital Night, which hosted artists such as Philipp Wolgast, Kleinschmager Audio, Miss Sunshine, Easy Changes, Dubit, Splatter, Coeter One or Ixel.

In 2008, released the first EP on the German label Vekton. The year 2009 is the year of change, from now on Insect Elektrika focuses on live performances and releases on labels Elektrotribe, Tracer Records and Minimatracx. This is also a year of their first live performance in Germany, where they enjoy enthusiastic reception. Their rapid rise in production is not suppressed in 2010, when the gentlemen release further releases on labels all over Europe (Monocline Records, Genesa, Paria Records).
In 2011 they finally meet Splatter and becomes the part of the Frucht family.
Duo also joins labels like Shinocs, Hex, Coal, Divided, Rrygular, in 2013 – Eminor and Creepy Finger.
They play in Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Prague, Hamburg…

Live performances of Insect Elektrika are always unique, because those guys love to experiment, and it’s not a secret, that every set is also emotional and personal ride for both audience and artists.

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