Moog Conspiracy, Iry, Insect Elektrika – Lithium [081]

Are you ready for something new? There have a been a lot of new productions happening in the past months. Moog Conspiracy has been spending a few days in the studio with french producer IRY & The crazy Insect Elektrika duo from Prag. The result is a double collaboration EP named Lithium, and it has been cooked mostly with analog synths, exploring new horizons, and pushing further the limits of what we call minimal & Techno. Lithium comes out in 2 parts, first the collabs and then a second EP with a few finest remixers we will keep secret for now.
Moog Conspiracy and Insect Elektrika ingeniously combine their talents for creating funky and trip-y sounds. They are inserted at the perfect moment to help the reliable and addicting base beat forward. Their talents both shine independently while complimenting each other effortlessly.

Moog Conspiracy and IRY join forces to create classic, minimalistic, full-force techno. They keep to that true techno sound, yet never neglect those catchy beats and insertions of dark, underground sounds. Moog and IRY were made to work together as their tracks prove how their styles match and help push the other one forward.

All tracks have their gripping moods, as well as their unforgiving base beats, in common. They take advantage of the all-mighty synthesizer to add intergalactic and unique twists. Moving away from the same old monotone techno tracks we hear most of the time and instead playing with diverse and unfamiliar sounds to spice things up.

Release Date : 02.04.15
featuring music by : IRY, Moog Conspiracy, Insect Elektrika
Supported by Paco Osuna, Maceo Plex, Daniel Mehlhart, Lukasz Napora, DJ Misk, Eddie Hu, Bukaddor and Fishbeck, Andree Wischnewski, Chris Fortier, Timboletti, Arts & Leni, Tom Pusch, Enzo Tedeschi, Mario Spit & a lot more
Artwork: Isabelle Bommes
worldwide distributed by Zebralution gmbh