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Elektrotribe l Sisyphon

After 9 years of producing & playing around the world, Moog Conspiracy has become one of the most demanded acts of the Techno scene. Acclaimed for the amazing intensity & diversity of his live and dj performances, Moog Conspiracy has performed more than 250 gigs in Europe, USA, India and South Asia.

Head of the Berlin label Elektrotribe Records and prolific electronic music producer, Moog Conspiracy has a tough discography including more than 100 tracks & remixes and 2 studio albums.
Moog Conspiracy´s music is a finely adjusted mix of techno, minimal & tech house with a groovy club drive. His musical influences refers in big part to the Berlin Techno Stage, and to the early Detroit sounds.

Moog Conspiracy began his experimentations with music a long time ago. Since ten years with his metal roots, he walks on the path of constant improvement. Always really deep and dark, he removes the hearts and souls with his minimalist electro. A strong techno beat, precise and acute; serpentine synthesizer melodies; a hate of obvious structures; destabilising noises: all an atmosphere that he creates, to make the listener rise from ecstatic heights to the black depths of human spirit.
More than a DJ, Moog is a real creator, a true artist with a vision and a goal: transform music and let hearts shake!

Clubs & Festivals : Fusion Festival [De], Love Parade [DE], ADE [NL], Freqs Of Nature [DE], NH7 [IN], Week End Club [DE], Kater Holzig [DE], Sisyphos [DE], Rote Sonne [DE],Blue Frog [IN], Resolute [USA], Mnmlktchn [USA], Time Club [PH], Inox [FR], Metro Dance Club [SP] …

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