Pascal Roeder – Inside My Shadow [78]

We are extremly happy to present the debut studio album of Pascal Roeder.
French artist Pascal Roeder is active as producer and live performer since 3 years, and has released more than 100 tracks since then as EP or remixes on numerous of labels like globox, mekanism, soupherb, tracer, amazone, limited and so on. He has been a growing part of the elektrotribe family and got more and more involve on the live & recording side over the past 2 years, so we are really proud to present you the result of his first album project.

On the long play format, Pascal know for his driving techno music takes it deeper and more intimate, increasing his usual sound range to deeper tracks, more atmospheric or experimental with outstanding melodies & hypnotic synth lines. Of course the dancefloor tunes are featured in there aswell, somehow upgraded frome tracks to anthems, which makes them massive weapons to drop live and get the crowd in an orgasmic vibe.
Inside My Shadow includes 11 tracks, and will be released on the 27 may 2014.
Pascal will be defending his new album on stage in europe for the summer season.

Release Date : 27.05.14
Album Mastering by : glowcast mastering
Photo credit: Scopy
Early support by : Aril Brikha, Christian Loeffler, Bella Sarris, Christian Burkhardt ….
worldwide distributed by Zebralution gmbh