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United Kingdom
Minimal Force l Elektrotribe

Theo Komp was born in Greece. He grew up in a family where music was highly appreciated and he was exposed to a few talented musicians. He soon realized a profound interest for music. Over the years, he experimented with different kinds and aspects of music song writing, production, recording, sound design, mixing and mastering. He started producing music in 2006 and it was then when he enrolled in Berklee College of Music obtaining two certificates with excellent grades (Specialist Certificate in Producing Music with Ableton Live and Professional Cert. in Studio Production).In 2010, he moved in London. Since then he has performed in many venues (Nomad, 333, Pacha, Rhythm Factory and others) and has been releasing his music in labels like Keep Out Recordings, Mind Ability and Deep Records.

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Techno : Moog Conspiracy (DE),Forest People (BIH), Kane Roth (FR), Emizence (FR), Daegon (US), Pascal Roeder (FR), Alex Tomb (DE), Jozak Sander (DE)
Minimal : Insect Elektrika (Cz),IRY (FR),Datensi (GR), Sozonov (RU), Tiari (US), Sascha Dragheim (DE), Voodoo J (FR)
Tech House : Falling Cows Band (DE), Ash Roy (IN), Jules & Moss (FR), Denite (SP), David Londono (CO), Pete Nouveau (AU), Antonio Olivieri (DE), D2B (FR)