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The Free Electric Band – Ride My Horse

The Free Electric Band l Ride My Horse l EKTPRO004
Elektrotribe Prohibited is a free MP3 serie offered by Elektrotribe & its artists! This fourth record featured an incredible electro track by THE FREE ELECTRIC BAND,taken from their debut album : “Cowpuncher”
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=444

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The Free Electric Band – Cowpuncher (Album)

The Free Electric Band l Cowpuncher l EKT000020
The Free Electric Band is back from the future and Elektrotribe Records proudly presents their debut album. Three guys calling themselves The Biker, The Cowboy and The Scientist have arrived with a brand new crossover style and just tied round their cooking aprons to make your speakers seethe! Oh boy! They brought tons of sassy-good tunes and fresh flavorful beats and prepared them to be served only on the hottest dance floors in mid-2008
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=242

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The Free Electric Band – Hello Sweat

The Free Electric Band l Hello Sweat l EKT000007
The Free Electric Band: “The Cowboy, the Scientist and the Biker have found together to finally bring the Irish Schranz to you. On their first EP they smash up with 5 different tracks to let you pass the acid test! We say : Hello to sweat!
Listen : http://elektrotribe.com/v3/?p=270

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