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from : Germany
booking representation : Worldwide

Josh Vox’s love for electronic music started more than a decade ago when his best friend introduced him to the wonderful world of musical production. It rapidly became a hobby and started forging my own taste and musical character ever since.
Often a mixture of daring and touching melodies furnished by relatively hard techno beats, Josja’s tracks are influenced by a whole panel of styles. Being able to live in many different places around the world such as Amsterdam, Montreal, Lyon and Berlin where electronic music has become a big phenomenon, plays a major role in this diversity.

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Techno : Moog Conspiracy (DE),Forest People (BIH), Kane Roth (FR), Emizence (FR), Daegon (US), Pascal Roeder (FR), Alex Tomb (DE), Jozak Sander (DE)
Minimal : Insect Elektrika (Cz),IRY (FR),Datensi (GR), Sozonov (RU), Tiari (US), Sascha Dragheim (DE), Voodoo J (FR)
Tech House : Falling Cows Band (DE), Ash Roy (IN), Jules & Moss (FR), Denite (SP), David Londono (CO), Pete Nouveau (AU), Antonio Olivieri (DE), D2B (FR)